Spa Software

Improve Customer Experiences with Spa Software

Spa Software and Social Guide Being a successful spa employee exceeds mastering facials, body treatments and massage techniques. Supplementing those essential skills with a great spa software and social media expertise will enhance your day-to-day business. Thanks to the resulting efficiency

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Help With Yelp

How to Set up a Marketing Campaign with Yelp

Help With Yelp As a business owner, there is an ever-increasing number of social media channels that you need to monitor and manage. While there are others, with more than 125 million reviews posted since it’s 2004 inception, Yelp is just too

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spa sales

Customer Service Tips to Increase Spa Sales

Clients evaluate spa experiences partly on your services and partly on their customer experience. Driving spa sales is based on memorable impressions your employees make on customers during interactions and influences the potential for return visits. Providing all-star customer service

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Top 7 Leadership Priorities for Spa Management Success

As spa management you may be a multitasking master where you juggle business strategy, staff mentoring and client marketing whilst still keeping up with daily customer relations. That versatile skill of multitasking is worthless though if you overlook crucial aspects

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Orchid Medical Spa Software

Find Upcoming Appointments Fast in our App

Being a time-based business based entirely on appointments can be stressful. With Orchid, we make it easy to survey what your day and/or week will bring. It’s our mission to make sure your time and your client’s time is well

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Software Dashboard

Orchid Version 12: Built with your work style in mind

Spend more time with clients and your craft. Version 12 takes care of the rest. Booking an appointment has never been faster, and running your own e-mail marketing strategy has never been easier. Get the details on your clients to

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