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Beat the winter blues

How to Beat the Winter Blues in Your Spa

Do you feel like someone managed to zap all of the energy out of your normally happy spa? If you’re feeling this way, it probably isn’t in your head. It isn’t unusual for employee morale and mood to fall a

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Spa Scheduling Software

Here’s Why You Need Spa Scheduling Software

Do you want to expand your spa business? Then you need to consider spa scheduling software. Here you’ll find out why your spa needs scheduling software. The U.S. spa industry earns an impressive $16.8 billion in revenue annually. Moreover, since 2009, the

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spa software

Improve Customer Experiences with Spa Software

Spa Software and Social Guide Being a successful spa employee exceeds mastering facials, body treatments and massage techniques. Supplementing those essential skills with a great spa software and social media expertise will enhance your day-to-day business. Thanks to the resulting efficiency

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spa sales

Customer Service Tips to Increase Spa Sales

Clients evaluate spa experiences partly on your services and partly on their customer experience. Driving spa sales is based on memorable impressions your employees make on customers during interactions and influences the potential for return visits. Providing all-star customer service

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