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spas mothers day

6 Ways Spas Can Prep for Mother’s Day

A spa visit is a fantastic gift for Mother’s Day, and many people know it. Spouses, children and even employers often all want to give moms a special gift that will provide well-deserved rest and relaxation on their special day.

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marketing strategy

6 Essential Spa Marketing Strategies to Use in 2018

Time spent at a luxury spa is a wonderful treat for anyone and many potential customers are waiting. You can help them find your business with creative, effective spa marketing strategies. Spa treatments are more popular now than ever. There

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Jumpstart January

Jumpstart January with Spa Software

It’s the new year, and you know what that means: your spa clients are booking appointments right and left in order to start the year off with a fresh new facial or a seriously relaxing massage. However, with all of

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Spa Business Cards

7 Spa Business Card Tips to Increase Bookings

¬† As a spa business owner, you can’t leave your home without compelling business cards to share. Here are 7 amazing ideas for spa business cards! There’s a reason why spa business cards are one of the only old-school marketing

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spa software

Improve Customer Experiences with Spa Software

Spa Software and Social Guide Being a successful spa employee exceeds mastering facials, body treatments and massage techniques. Supplementing those essential skills with a great spa software and social media expertise will enhance your day-to-day business. Thanks to the resulting efficiency

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spa sales

Customer Service Tips to Increase Spa Sales

Clients evaluate spa experiences partly on your services and partly on their customer experience. Driving spa sales is based on memorable impressions your employees make on customers during interactions and influences the potential for return visits. Providing all-star customer service

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