Demandforce® Software

All-in-One Marketing for Spas

Orchid comes with marketing tools to help you design email marketing campaigns. Now, you can take advantage of more digital marketing channels, including social media advertising, thanks to our exclusive Demandforce® pricing.

Why You Need Demandforce® Today

Imagine being able to communicate with your clients via email, text, voice, and social media. Picture new or current clients having no problem finding your business online. Think of promotions and advertising that seamlessly coordinate with your appointment software, making it possible to book appointments from Facebook.

In addition to opening up new channels for communicating with your customers, the Demandforce® price includes ways to use client reviews to boost your online presence. Demandforce® has targeted its small-business marketing offerings to spas by partnering with top industry leaders. Four out of 5 people who sign up for Demandforce® with their spa software recommend it to others.

Pre-built marketing campaigns

With Demandforce® software, you get a selection of suggested campaign frameworks. Customize them, send them, and enjoy the results — no marketing experience required.

Better online visibility

By joining the Demandforce® network of local listings, you’ll meet clients wherever they are online. Your listings will include reviews, business hours, contact information, and more, including access to special offers and links to your Facebook page.

Turbo-charged local marketing

With Demandforce®, you become part of a 30,000-member small-business network. You’re automatically enrolled in the Demandforce® directory, and your business is cross-promoted to customers of non-competitors.

Rave reviews

Using Demandforce®, you can send out surveys to learn more about how your customers see your business. You can earn certified reviews and ask clients to share automated referrals on social media. Demandforce® includes syndication of reviews on Google, Bing, Citysearch, Yellowbook, and more.

Enhanced appointment reminders

Add more features to appointment reminders that already come with Orchid. Set up automated phone call reminders, text messages, and mobile-friendly emails that integrate with your Orchid software. Demandforce® email reminders integrate with both Passbook and Google Now, which adds them to your clients’ appointment calendars. Your clients can reply “C” to confirm, engage in two-way messaging with you, and combine appointment reminders for the whole family.

Get Demandforce® for Orchid Now

Demandforce® guarantees that if you don’t make $3 for every $1 you spend, you get your next month free. Contact us to learn how to make Demandforce® part of your Orchid experience.