Getting Started: Before You Order

Before ordering your custom cards, determine which type of cards best suit your needs so we can put together a price quote for you. If you’re unsure, that’s OK! We’ll be happy to discuss the options with you over the phone.

Step 1: Choose What Type of Cards You Need

There are three different types of custom cards to choose from, each with its own unique purpose in Orchid:

    • Gift Cards: Carry a monetary value that you set when you sell them in Orchid. Gift cards are an easy way to increase sales and introduce new clients to your business.
    • Employee ID Cards: Allow your employees to quickly clock in and out, or log in and out to enforce password access to different screens within our software
    • Membership/Client ID/VIP Cards: Once assigned to a specific customer will bring up that customer’s file in the software for easy access.

Step 2: Scanning Options

Enter your new cards into Orchid by easily scanning them in one of two ways:

Barcodes printed on your card allow you to scan the card with the same barcode scanner that you use to scan a UPC on your products. A barcode can be printed on the front of each card at no extra charge, or on the back for an extra back-side printing fee. Don’t have a barcode scanner? You can get one from us when you place your custom card order.
Magnetic Stripe
Magnetic stripes are a thin stripe on the back of your card, similar to what you see on the back of a credit card. These allow you to swipe your cards through a magnetic card reader. This option doesn’t require any special printing on the front or back of your card, and is usually preferred. A magnetic stripe can be included at no extra cost on any full-size card.

Step 3: Choose Your Size

We offer two different sizes of cards, both of which can be custom designed for your business.

Standard Cards
Standard full-size cards give you the space to express yourself and provide useful details to your clients on your card. They are made of sturdy plastic, and are the size of a standard credit card.
Keychain Cards
Keychain cards are an innovative way to provide a convenient card to your clients that will keep your business on their mind. These are especially great for VIP and client loyalty cards.

Step 4: Call to Order

Give us a call to order your custom cards. If you have any questions about the options available for your custom card order, what hardware you’ll need to use gift cards in your business, or available accessories to accompany your order, we’ll be happy to help you out over the phone.

Call our helpful Sales Team at (800) 570-0500 to place your order

Once you’ve placed your order with our Sales Team, you’ll receive an e-mail from your gift card designer so you know who to contact for the duration of your order, with instructions on how to proceed. You can also view these instructions online:

Custom Card Pricing

Custom gift cards are available in two sizes, and pricing for your card order depends on the number of cards you’d like.

Number of CardsKeychain Cards

per card price

Standard Cards

per card price

5,000 or more$0.69$0.99

All custom card orders are subject to a $25 setup fee for the initial design, or if design changes are needed on reorders

Additional Pricing Options

Pricing includes full color graphics and text on the front side of the card. For backside printing, there is an additional fee.

Back Side Printing OptionAdditional

per card price

black & white on standard cards$0.25
black & white on keychain cards$0.05
full color on standard cards$0.40
full color on keychain cards$0.09

Next Steps: After Placing Your Order

Once you’ve placed your order, you’ll receive an e-mail directly from your dedicated designer, so you’ll know who to be in contact with for the card design process. This e-mail will include instructions on how to continue with the order, which are also outlined below.

Step 1: Send Your Logo, Text, Images, and Preferred Card Color

Once you’ve received an e-mail from your card designer, reply to the e-mail with the information you’d like on your custom cards. This includes:

      • Logo: An image attachment of your business logo. Images should be sent in a .jpg, .bmp, .pdf, .eps, or .psd file format. For best results, a 300 dpi RGB mode image is recommended.
      • Background Image: An image attachment of the background you would like to feature on the front of the card. For best print results the image should be 300 dpi, RGB mode, and 1030×646 pixels in size (no bleed required). If you don’t have a background image in mind, browse our free gallery for options. If you’d like to use an image from the gallery, just include the ID number of the image in your e-mail.
      • Text to Print: This can be as much (Business Name, Address, Phone Number, Website, ‘Gift Card’ or ‘A Gift For You’) or as little (Business Name and Phone Number only) information as you like.
      • Preferred Card Color: Standard sized cards are offered in various colors. Some colored cards allow only certain types of printing, but make a bold & beautiful statement. Choose from:
        1. white cards: white cards are the most popular and offer the most flexibility for printing full color images and logos.
        2. silver, gold, or copper metallic cards: full color or solid black printing.
        3. red or black cards: solid white, black, silver or gold printing.
        4. light blue, tan, or matte gray cards: full color, solid metallic, solid white or solid black.

Step 2: Soft Copy/Hard Copy Proofs

Once we have all your images and info you will receive a ‘soft copy’/digital proof via e-mail. Once there are no more changes to be made to the e-mail proofs we can even mail out a physical/’hard copy’ proof. Due to the differences in monitor settings a soft copy proof cannot accurately depict the exact colors that will print on the final gift card order, so we always offer and recommend a hard copy proof be received. A physical hard copy proof only takes 3-5 business days to arrive and at no cost to you.

Step 3: Print Approval

Once your card design is 100% perfect you will need to fill out our online Gift Card Disclaimer Form in order to have your full order printed. We cannot print your card order without written consent. As they are customized with your business information the cards are 100% non-refundable once your correctly completed Gift Card Disclaimer Form has been received. We cannot print with a verbal confirmation; the Gift Card Disclaimer Form is the only way to have your cards printed.

Step 4: Receive Your Cards!

Once your Gift Card Disclaimer Form has been received you will get a confirmation e-mail from the Gift Card Department. Standard turnaround time is typically at 48 business hours for printing and 3-5 business days for delivery in the continental US. Standard print times can increase for larger orders and around holidays due to an increase in print volume.