Automated E-mail and Texting

E-mail and Text Messaging Made Easy

  Automatic Reminders

Upcoming appointment reminders are delivered automatically to clients by text or e-mail when they have an appointment coming up. Just a quick one-time setup, and no one gets missed with Orchid Automated E-mail and Texting!

  Two-Way Text Confirmation

Save time and cut down on no-shows with the completely automated text message confirmations. Your clients can now reply to their text appointment reminder to let you know that they will be coming in. Appointments are automatically marked as confirmed on your books – one less thing to worry about!

*International texting will incur additional fees.

  Appointment Notifications

Enjoy hassle-free communication with appointment creation and adjustment e-mail & text notifications that can be sent to both clients and employees!

Two-Way Text Confirmations
Marketing Campaigns

  Automated Marketing

Set up recurring marketing campaigns for things like birthday and anniversary specials. Orchid Automated E-mail and Texting will automatically check each time who fits the bill for a campaign and take care of the rest.

  Scheduled Campaigns

Set up completely customized marketing campaigns and schedule them to run exactly when you want to. Create all of your messages in advance, and then just sit back and watch them work.

Notice: The e-mail and text messaging feature of Orchid Windows Software is not HIPAA compliant and is not intended for use by medical offices or facilities that are “covered entities” as defined by the Health Information Portability and Privacy Act of 1996.
Subscriptions will be renewed automatically on a monthly basis until cancelled. You can cancel the subscription at any time by calling (800) 899-3960. After we receive notice of cancellation, no further payments will be charged to you.

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