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We Put You In Control

Our appointment book shows you exactly what you need to know and is fully customizable, allowing you to specify your working hours, set how much information you want shown, and so much more. With color coded appointments, you can tell at a glance what is going on today and make your appointment book completely your own.

Staying Power

Create a series of recurring appointments for your regulars, or book a client’s next visit while they’re checking out with just a few quick clicks.

Scheduling That’s as Fast as You

When it’s peak business hours, you want to quickly schedule your clients and keep your business running smoothly. Our simple and intuitive appointment book makes it easy to find availability at a glance, and reschedule in seconds with drag-and-drop.

Stay On Top of Your Confirmations

Wouldn’t it be nice to quickly see who needs to get a confirmation call at a glance? Orchid makes it easy to view who’s already been confirmed from the appointment book, and checks clients in quickly once they come in.

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