Orchid Upgrade

You can upgrade online now or by calling us at (800) 570-0500

Upgrading to Pro Edition

Orchid Pro Edition is the optimum integrated medical spa software solution and is ideal for a high volume businesses. Pro Edition adds unlimited employee records, payroll, resource management, advanced reporting, and integrates with our QuickBooks Connect add-on.

  • Unlimited employee records
  • Payroll
  • Check printing
  • W2/1099 forms
  • Business marketing campaign manager
  • Manage rooms
  • Manage equipment
  • Employee reminders
  • Wait list
  • Standing appointments
  • Client document tracking
  • General ledger
  • Profit & Loss reports
  • Recurring marketing campaigns
  • QuickBooks Connect integration*
    *requires purchase of add-on
Upgrade from Standard: $900

Upgrading to Network Edition

Orchid Network Edition is a networked medical spa software solution for growing businesses. Network Edition enables Orchid to run software on multiple computers at the same location. Run two computers to speed up checkout or run another computer in the office to monitor schedules, run reports and get the most out of your medical spa software. Every computer stays perfectly in sync with each other in real time.

  • 2 computer licenses
  • Additional licenses for a nominal cost
    • Network computers across multiple networks*
      *requires installation of VPN software
Upgrade from Standard: $2,300
Upgrade from Pro: $1,400

Upgrading to Multi-Location Edition

Orchid Multi-Location Edition is an advanced business software tool for managing multiple store locations. Multi-Location Edition enables Orchid medical spa software to run on multiple computers at multiple store locations which makes it perfect for growing businesses or franchises. Purchase additional licenses to add medical spa software to stores or computers.

  • 4 computer licenses*
    *two for each location
  • Installed at 2 locations
  • Run reports across both locations
  • Add extra locations for a fee as your business grows
  • Add extra computer licenses for a nominal fee
  • Add, edit, and share information between locations*
    *requires installation of VPN software
Upgrade from Standard: $3,300
Upgrade from Pro: $2,400
Upgrade from Network: $1,000
*Upgrade pricing shown is for Version 13 customers. If you are on a prior version, please contact us at (800) 570-0500 for specific pricing.*

You can upgrade online now or by calling us at (800) 570-0500

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I figure out which version of Orchid I have?

Open Orchid and select “About” from the “Help” pull-down menu. The version will be displayed at the top of the About window.

How do I upgrade or update the medical spa software?

Click here to login and purchase the update or upgrade. You are also welcome to call our sales team at (800) 570-0500.

How do I add on other features, such as online appointment booking, using Orchid on my iPhone or Android, or credit card processing?

Please visit our Add-ons page.