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Version 13 FeaturesSoloStandardPro+
New Integrated Credit Card Processor CardConnect
Store Credit Cards
Handle Tips Automatically
Easy Transaction Voiding
Powerful & Simple Merchant Account Management
Mobile Credit Card Processing w/ FREE Device
Version 12 FeaturesSoloStandardPro+
Powerful Dashboard
Your Day at a Glance
Business Summary
Appointment Text Confirmations
Credit Card Processing with EMV Support
Professionally Designed E-mail Templates
Smarter Client Booking
Faster than Ever
Version 11 FeaturesSoloStandardPro+
Next Gen Online Booking
Facebook Booking Plugin
Search Engine Optimization
Booking Confirmation E-mails
New Messaging Service
E-mail Notification System
E-mail Receipts
Automatic Recurring Marketing
Emergency Contact Info
Customizable Report Printing
5 New Reports
Version 10 FeaturesSoloStandardPro+
Next Gen Remote Access
Access To Over 25 Reports
Next Gen Apps
QuickBook Connect
Customizable Favorites List
Direct Text Message Sending
New Modern Themes
Detailed Client Notes
Client SOAP Notes
Document Tracking Templates
6 New Reports
Version 9 FeaturesSoloStandardPro+
Password Auto Logout
E-mail Marketing Campaigns
Multi-day Services
Linking Back Bar to Services
Resource Maximum Capacity
Linking Twitter Account
9 New Reports
Version 8 FeaturesSoloStandardPro+
Employee Reminder System
Picture Manager
Enhanced Coupon System
Enhanced Checkout/Rebook
Payroll: Tax Deductions & Hourly
Wait List
"Do Not Call" Option
Expiration Dates on Gift Cards
Report Graphs
8 New Reports
Version 7 FeaturesSoloStandardPro+
New Appointment Book and Graphic Design
Online Appointment Booking
Services Linked to Resources
Product and Purchase Ordering
Document Tracking
Appointment Searching
Gift Certificates
Pre-Paid Quantities in Packages
23 New Reports

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