6 Ways Spas Can Prep for Mother’s Day

April 29, 2019

spas mothers day

A spa visit is a fantastic gift for Mother’s Day, and many people know it. Spouses, children and even employers often all want to give moms a special gift that will provide well-deserved rest and relaxation on their special day. If you run a spa, you’ll want to make sure you are prepared to handle the rush! Many potential customers will be researching spa Mother’s Day specials. You can expect a surge in phone calls and online inquiries requesting appointments and gift certificates.

You’ll need to prepare for how you can provide the best in customer service for this important family holiday. How you handle a busy time like May could influence how your business proceeds for the rest of the year!

Here are 6 tips to help you get ready for an increase in customers looking for spa mother’s day promotions:

1. Upgrade Your Online Booking

Many customers nowadays expect to be able to make appointments online. You may lose potential clients if they have to wait on hold on the phone to book their mother a gifted spa appointment. One of the best ways a spa can improve their customers’ experience is by implementing an online booking system. A high-quality software system will make it easy for clients to book appointments and see when their favorite aesthetician is available.

People expect fast, easy and convenient ways to schedule their lives. By providing an intuitive, simple-to-navigate system, you will endear your business to current and future customers. You’ll also make their friends and families satisfied when they are looking to book a spa appointment online for the mother in their life.

Booking Appointment

2. Make Sure Your Staffing is Set

You need to make sure that you are adequately staffed for Mother’s Day to accommodate the increase in customers from your spa mother’s day specials. Try to keep in mind your employees that may be moms, too and work out an arrangement where employees can split shifts so everyone who wants to have time with their own families may do so.

You might want to give extra incentives to staff who choose to work on Mother’s Day, like other popular holidays, or offer your employees a discount to give to their own mothers! Don’t forget to thank your staff after a busy holiday like this one. Break open a bottle of champagne to share after you close your doors, or give everyone a goody bag of samples to show your appreciation.

3. Check Your Product Inventory

Spas on Mother’s Day often see an increased demand for products in addition to services. Husbands drop by for gift-wrapped cosmetics and other beauty products.

Make sure you have several pre-wrapped packages ready to go for clients in a hurry who want to pick up a nice gift for Mother’s Day. Make sure you have a stack of preprinted gift certificates ready too, in various amounts.

Stock your inventory with all of the hair, skin and nail products you traditionally use. No one wants to run out of espresso brown or buttery blond on this important day! Speaking of espresso, make sure you have stocked up on coffee, cookies and even wine to offer your clients. Make sure your floral arrangements are fresh and new.

Like any holiday, Mother’s Day is less about the gift than the total experience. You can make your clientele happy by delivering beautiful services in a beautiful environment, complete with special treats as well.

spas mothers day

4. Boost Your Marketing and Social Media Presence

Prepare for any holiday by marketing it well in advance. You should start pushing out spa mother’s day specials on your social media networks at least two months ahead of time.

If you have developed marketing campaigns for other holidays like Valentine’s Day, you can adapt your strategies for Mother’s Day. For example, if you have partnered with a masseuse to offer couples’ massages on February 14, ask to do it again in May for mothers and daughters!

Create a hashtag for your spa and Mothers Day (#spasformothersday!) and get it out there on Twitter and Instagram with beautiful photos of your spa.

Post testimonials from happy mothers who have enjoyed your services. Reach out to your contacts at local businesses and look for ways to collaborate. You may be able to offer special day packages with local restaurants, florists and limo services.

spas mothers day

5. Keep ‘Em Coming Back

Spa Mother’s Day specials have a unique opportunity to expand their markets to people who may not have considered their offerings before. You have the chance to reach people who might soon become customers themselves.

Men may pass through your doors to get a gift for mom. They may not realize that you offer facials, fillers and bodywork for men as well. They may not even realize that men can enjoy spas just as much as women.

Post information about all of your services and be ready to answer questions about more than just mothers. Print out extra brochures they can peruse later.

Stock your reception area with branded giveaways. You can get your spa’s name, website and phone number printed on items like pens, brushes or combs, and emery boards. Remind drop-ins of upcoming specials. Summer is coming up: maybe it is time for a wax or a spray tan?

6. Ask for Feedback

Make sure you collect the emails from everyone who calls or visits your spa or clicks on your website. Use those to stay in touch with them.

For people who used your services from your spa Mother’s Day specials, follow up on email with a thank you and a quick survey. You want to know truthfully how their experience was, and how you can do better. It’s hard to listen to criticism, but if you want to maintain the highest standards of customer service, you need to listen to all feedback, good and bad.

Some people may not respond to the survey. But reaching out to them to see how you can improve leaves a good impression- that you are always willing to listen and find ways to make people happy.

Spa Mother’s Day Specials: A Great Business Opportunity, If You Plan Well

Take full advantage of all of the opportunities that a busy holiday like Mother’s Day can present. Just plan well and keep your customers’ needs as your primary goal. You can expand your customer base and keep people coming back for years to come on Mother’s Day and every other day.

For more ideas on how to make your spa successful and appealing, check out our blog.

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